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TF360: Brigetta Barrett is Ready to Soar to New Heights

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/Pro   Mar 19th 2014, 1:59am

A Long-Term Approach with the Focus on Gold

By Scott Bush - Click Here for all TF360 Archives

To win Olympic silver after just finishing up your junior year of college is impressive, to say the least. For former University of Arizona NCAA champion Brigetta Barrett, that was the case. The three-time collegiate champion, both indoor and outdoor, came up huge in London, setting the tone for what promises to be one of the all-time great careers in the high jump. We caught up with Barrett recently, discussing her past, her present and her future, as she prepares for the 2014 season. 

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Scott Bush (SB): While track and field season is well underway for many American athletes, you've yet to open up. How's training going and why did you decide against competing indoors?

Brigetta Barrett (BB): Training is going very slow this year. When I say slow I mean this in a good way. I feel privileged to be able to take this off-year and really go back to square one, identify my weaknesses and combat them meticulously. I decided against competing indoors to give myself a chance to accomplish exactly this, focus on training, and re-focus for the upcoming championships specifically the Olympic Games.

SB: When will you open up your 2014 competition season and how excited are you to compete at the Drake Relays high jump event, which will take place within a mall in downtown Des Moines?

BB: I will open up April 10th at the University of Arizona. It will be a nice relaxed way to see where I am and adjust for the upcoming season. I am very excited to be competing in a mall. I believe America needs more unique meets like this that sort of puts track and field in the people’s face in an un-common way.

SB: This is your first full season as a pro. How has life changed since graduating from the University of Arizona? 

BB: Man, a lot of responsibilities rest in my hands. In a few words, I am an adult now. I have to balance my dreams, my training, my bills, my future so many things in ten fingers. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but that is because I have high expectations for myself.

SB: The American record of 6-8.75 is only a half inch off your personal best. Chaunté Lowe's record has to be in your sights, right?

BB: Of course! I thought last year it would have been mine, but God is sovereign and His timing reigns supreme. But, to be at its footsteps is very motivating. I believe between Chaunté Lowe and I there is a good chance we will battling back and forth for it.

SB: You're right on the edge of winning World and Olympic gold. What's it going to take for you to make that one last leap onto the top of the medal stand?

BB: Focus, discipline, and my Savior! John 15:5 states “I am the vine; you are the branches... for apart from me you can do nothing.” Apart from the God I serve none of this would be possible so the ultimate key to success is staying in Christ. God says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else shall be added,” So keeping these things in mind will be very important not only to the rest of my athletic career but the very fabric of my life.

SB: You have a passion for your fans and high jump is such a unique event in that you can interact with your fans in between jumps. As an athlete, how important do you feel it is to actually engage with your fans at a high level?

BB: No matter who you are, if you are blessed to have fans or any type of support system showing them love is of the utmost importance! For example, Nike and their support as my sponsor is extremely important to my success. Imagine if they walked into the room and I did not show them love, how ungrateful would I be? The same, even more so goes for my fans! They gain nothing yet give so much! So whenever I can I am honored to make an unforgettable experience for the both of us.

SB: How did you first get started competing in the high jump?

BB: I didn’t make the final cut in my Junior High basketball team. As I was walking home I saw my friends trying out for the track and field team. They asked me to join them, I did, and the rest is history.

SB: You turned 23 not too long ago and already have an Olympic and World Championship medal. Looking ahead to where you want to be over the next few years, what does that look like for you?

BB: Man, I want to do so much it is like in-expressable! All of the records, every title there is, you name it and I have placed a target on it. So much to do seems like so little time. But the story time will tell is far greater than I can put words to right now.

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